Vismake studio

If you are looking for a way to increase sales of your products or give your website a modern character we believe that visualization technology combined with our experience can achieve just that! We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs and budget. Go to our free offer page and fill in a simple contact form.
Founder David Pezacki 737 58 25 45

Our misson

Our goal is to increase sales through visual presentation by using 3D graphics. We are committed to providing the highest quality materials that will increase sales and improve the image of your brand. We focus especially on small and medium companies which find it difficult to compete with monopolists in the industry having huge marketing budgets.

Our tools

The main tool in our studio is Blender and external rendering engines that help to achieve the highest possible image quality. The rendering process is supported by a rendering farm. We rely on photographic techniques to make our visualizations as similar as possible to photographs. We also create textures or materials that imitate surfaces in our photo studio.

Zdjęcia materiałów

Posiadamy studio fotograficzne przystosowane do fotografowania materiałów np: tkaniny, drewno. Jeżeli Twój produkt posiada unikalną teksturę możesz wykonać zdjęcia telefonem lub wysłać próbki do nas. Pozostałe tekstury znajdziemy w naszej bazie :)
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Poznań, Poland
+48 737 582 545 
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